Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SCHOOL DISCIPLINE: Why parents must back teachers

I have noticed how parents become so over-protective of their children and often are quick to blame the overall system if their children do not do well in their studies, or, worse, they take the teachers to court when their children are "punished" in school for their wrongdoings.

Teachers these days are scared of the students. What has happened to them as a parents? How can they be so gullible as to think their children could never tell a lie just to escape the punishment they deserved?

Of course, it is right that they should be a caring society. At the same time, they must be practical and use their common sense on the issue of discipline in school. The need for this must be accepted by all parents who want to see their children grow up to become decent and responsible citizens. There's no two ways about it.
Without a proper disciplinary system enforced in every school in Malaysia, we can be assured of a chaotic school environment such as that we already seen in some countries like the United States.

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