Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am always scared of exams, and I still not started do the revision yet.I always feel that in exams there is always not enough time. That actually sends me panicked. Also, I always feel that I am not answering the question the way the examiner wants it answered. Despite this I still I have some tips which I think are useful.

1. Start studying early.
2. Use your class notes and textbooks
3. Make a timetable for the period you are studying
4. Work together. For example, form a small group
5. Review all the materials at least once after your main study session
6. Think up a few questions you might be asked on you exam, and try answering them
7. Keep cool and calculated

I hate exams, but I have realised that you cannot run away from them as there is always another one waiting around the corner.

Examinations are not really something to fear because, usually, if you attend to revising your subject you should not have to much of a problem when you get into the exam.

Examinations are stressful to some people while others like them as they consider them a challenge. Exams were the norm throughout school,college and university life and this may be why I have no problems with them. Other people may find they are more relaxed about exams when they get used to them.

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